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All Bodies Are Good Bodies

Bold and beautiful, loud and proud, All Bodies are Good Bodies is an uplifting book about different body features and types. Through playful rhyme, it promotes the development of body acceptance and celebrates inclusivity and individuality. 

I love hands!
Hands that are white and hands that are brown,
Freckles mean sunshine has sent kisses down.
Short fingers, long fingers, bendy or straight,
Hands to clap, or high-five your mate.


"Charlotte Barkla’s words are written to be read out loud as one by one she sings the praises of various body parts...It’s a reminder that all too easily we take our bodies for granted when—look!—they can jump and twirl and shake and laugh."

- Thuy On, Books+Publishing

"A proud and positive book focusing on bodies and how body parts vary from person to person...I love how books like this one plant a simple but important seed for acceptance, open-mindedness and diversity at a young age."

- Kids' Book Review

"With its bouncy rhyme and positive message about accepting the diversity and differences which make each of us special, it actively promotes the acceptance of the body regardless of shape, colour, or size so that we appreciate our individuality ... This is a critical message that encourages the positive mental health mindset so essential to developing resilience and empathy."

- Barbara Braxton, The Bottom Shelf

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