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Nature inspiration -

create digital

From birds to burrs, here are four examples of biomimicry at work.

Humanitarian engineering -

create digital

Four engineers share why they have a passion for humanitarian projects.

Engaging girls in STEM -

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These programs aim to keep girls in STEM – from preschool to university.

COVID-19 Dashboard -

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A former UNSW lecturer has created the world’s go-to COVID-19 tracker, used by billions of people worldwide.

Contactless key to stop  COVID-19 spread -

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A 3D-printed plastic tool developed by an engineering student could slow the transmission of viruses in the community.

Construction sustainability - create digital

An engineering graduate wants to make construction practices more sustainable.

Diversity in engineering - create digital

A new engineering group aims to promote LGBTQI+ inclusion at every level.

Autonomous robot -

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An underwater rover is exploring Antarctica before making the leap to space.

Innovation during COVID-19 - create digital

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a community of engineers ready to help.

Taking cancer research out of this world - create digital

Space travel could help this engineer develop more effective cancer treatment.

Future STEM Innovators -

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Incredible young minds from across the country have been recognised at national science and engineering awards.

Green cities -

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Incorporating natural features in our urban jungles. 

Forest Therapy -

Good Health Magazine

Could you benefit from spending time in nature?

Schools of Sustainability -


At Banyule Primary School in Victoria, sustainability is everyone's business.

96 "Jobs of tomorrow" -

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A study from the World Economic Forum reveals emerging opportunities for employment in the global economy.

Closing the gender gap - create digital

A new national taskforce is set to tackle diversity in engineering.

Changing the perception of engineering - create digital

An AI algorithm shows why it’s time to change the perception of what an engineer does.

Collaborative housing - Domain

The eco-village making home ownership more attainable.

Low-waste Christmas -

Sydney Morning Herald

There are ways to ditch the excess and do a truly low-waste Christmas.

Creating the scientists of the future - AEU

A new model aims to shift how science is taught in early childhood settings.

Could algae help sustainable buildings bloom? - create digital

From food to fibre, fuel and fertiliser, algae has great potential as a sustainable resource. And we could soon add building technology to that list.

Australia home to three of the world’s ‘smartest’ cities - create digital

It may be home to less than 8 per cent of Australia’s population, but South Australia is leading the country when it comes to creating smart cities.

“Breaking through the concrete ceiling” - create digital

New research from Randstad reveals the issues preventing women entering or remaining in construction.