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Edie's Experiments 1

How to Make Friends

A new school, a classroom full of potential new friends and a science kit. What could possibly go wrong?

I’m Edie and I love science. So when I started at a new school, I decided it could be one giant experiment.

Can I give you some advice? Avoid sliming your entire classroom. You could end up in trouble with your teacher, your new classmates and the principal.

Between the great slime fiasco, the apology cookie surprise and the wrinkle cream mix-up, I’ve discovered making friends isn’t an exact science!


Edies Experiments Cover.jpg

"Charlotte Barkla has created a lovable character, who enthusiastically gets herself into awkward situations, leading to laugh-out-loud humour."

- Kids' Book Review

"There are lots of very funny moments in Edie’s Experiments, and Barkla’s sense of humour is sure to keep an adult amused as well. Edie’s never-give-up attitude is such a large part of her character that I found her endearing and even though so many things go wrong, she is a lovely role model. Charlotte Barkla, an Adelaide based author, has used her previous jobs as a civil engineer and physics teacher to help write a fun story with heart."

- Sue Mauger, Glam Adelaide

"This heartwarming, fun story is a blast – literally!"

- National Geographic Kids

"Try not to admire her determination as you follow her wild ride as the new kid in school. Go get 'em, Edie!”

- Total Girl Magazine

"Highly recommended. Edie's experiments: How to make friends is book one in a new series written by Adelaide author Charlotte Barkla who has a background in civil engineering and physics teaching. She cleverly uses scientific language and her extensive knowledge of science and experiments to write an entertaining and humorous story about a young girl who is STEM-obsessed fitting in at a new school ... This would be a perfect read-aloud class novel.”

- Kathryn Beilby, ReadPlus 

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