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Edie's Experiments - ABC Statewide Drive
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Science at home and Edie's Experiments 

ABC Radio, 10th April 2020

Easter Egg-speriments with children's author Charlotte Barkla  

ABC Topical North, 11th April 2020

The Science Show with Robyn Williams: 

Sprightly young Edie uses experiments to make friends

ABC Radio, 7th March 2020

Middle Grade Mavens podcast:

Ep 48 STEM theme: Meet Catherine Pelosi and Charlotte Barkla

20th February 2020

So you want to be a writer podcast:

Ep 318 Meet AWC alumna Charlotte Barkla, author of ‘All Bodies Are Good Bodies’ and ‘Edie’s Experiments’ 

Australian Writers' Centre, 18th February 2020

Lifting the Lid on Being an Author: with Engineer-Turned-Author Charlotte Barkla 

Hope 103.2, 10th February 2020

Easter Eggsperiments - ABC Tropical North
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